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Website Speed Optimization


Google has stated that it will start penalizing websites that are slow loading as soon as 2019, especially websites that do not load quickly on mobile devices.

Critical factors for slow loading websites?

  • Unoptimized images & videos
  • Misconfigured plugins
  • Poorly written code
  • 3rd partly software or links
  • Website hosting
  • No SSL or an improperly configured SSL.
Speed Optimization by RapidPage includes:
  • A top-to-bottom review of your website.
  • Is everything up-to-date?
  • Unused items?
  • Bad-links?
  • SSL?
  • Website Caching?
Speed Optimization:
  • Take a speed snap-shot before
  • Then step-by-step walk through the website to isolate and tweak to get the best performance
  • Install the latest and industry-standard caching software.
  • Then run a final test using google’s speed test verification to make sure that we are achieving the highest speed results.
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Speed optimization = higher results = more returned Google search results to your website!
Prices start from $69.00 + software.